Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Creative procedure in Oil Paintings

As you may be aware oil painting was for a long time considered to be one of the highest forms of artistic expression. The rich texture and vibrant colors of oil paints provided enormous scope for the artist to express his or her talent. Oil painting continues to be a form of art that is complex and yet exuberant.

The materials needed for oil paintings and the complex processes involved in creating classical oil painting made it prohibitively expensive. It is therefore not surprising that, until recently oil paintings could be bought and appreciated only by the aristocratic people. The expensive process of creating an oil painting made it often impossible for a common man to commission a work of art or, for that matter, even to gaze at and appreciate one. It is only lately that due to the emergence of public museums and galleries the general public has access to oil paintings. Nevertheless, buying or possessing an oil painting continues to be a symbol of opulence. But the scenario is now gradually changing and buying oil paintings is becoming affordable.