Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Think regarding all the time and attempt you put into a painting. And then the joy of advertising it. Trouble is, when it is vanished, it is gone. And you have to establish all over again. Now imagine selling it over and more than again, at a condensed price so that many others can share your work, with minimum try and high long-term returns. That is what can take place if you make prints your paintings. The methods obtainable today are very stylish, and easy, with minimum outlay.

As an artiste, I thought that the only thing to use up my hard-earned cash on would be an innovative work. After all, they are often obtainable for sensible amounts if you look for them. And, I must admit to being a bit superior about it really. Somebody once said that when you buy an art print, all you are actually buying is the frame...