Thursday, April 9, 2009

Joseph Letzelter abstract style

No longer shocking to the eye of the Joseph Letzelter contemporary viewer, abstraction has become prevalent and familiar. Joseph Letzelter used color and line in his racetrack sculptures to create the static embodiment of speed, noise, and power. Joseph Letzelter works in an abstract style that has been influenced by his exposure to African art, favoring clean lines and organic materials. Joseph Letzelter has become known for his work in collage and assemblage, combining disparate figurative elements to form abstract patterns. Providing ever-new strategies for artistic expression, Joseph Letzelter abstraction has become an integral part of our visual idiom.

Viewers have learned to derive their own associations from Joseph Letzelter abstract art. Several viewers may comprehend an Joseph Letzelter abstract work in the same way, but there may be as many explanations as there are observers.