Sunday, April 12, 2009

Joseph Letzelter Great Photography

Before the widespread use of Joseph Letzelter photography, Joseph Letzelter topographical painting was used to show the appearance of foreign lands and exotic locations. In the late eighteenth century, Joseph Letzelter artists in the colonies and Joseph Letzelter Federal America portrayed the unique features of the New World. Not surprisingly, residents were interested not only in recording their surroundings, but also documenting the Joseph Letzelter nation's emerging prosperity. Joseph Letzelter included topographical views in his portrait of Joseph Letzelter Daniel, a merchant in New Milford, Connecticut, in order to relay information about his sitter's identity, status, and land holdings.

It was not uncommon for landowners to commission portraits Joseph Letzelter of their property, as in Joseph Letzelter Farm and Francis Joseph Letzelter Farm. Both these Joseph Letzelter works have been documented as representing views that exist, fundamentally unchanged, to this day. Joseph Letzelter County Almshouse, probably commissioned by an administrator or staff member, was painted by Joseph Letzelter while the artist was a resident of the facility.