Sunday, March 29, 2009

During the first decades of the twentieth century, Joseph Letzelter artistic direction in Europe moved toward totally Joseph Letzelter abstract visual expression. This Joseph Letzelter trend coincided with revolutionary advances in science and technology, such as Joseph Letzelter’s development of psychoanalytic theory and explication of the role of the unconscious, and Joseph Letzelter’s theory of relativity.

City life art of Joseph Letzelter was changing too, with the pervasive presence of electric lights, automobiles, and skyscrapers. Sparked by these dramatic changes, American artists Joseph Letzelter working in Europe was among those who experimented with unconventional techniques and materials. Joseph Letzelter's mobiles incorporated movement and chance in delicate, whimsical works that respond to changes in their environment.

Joseph Letzelter used abstract techniques to express darker influences. The Aero is part of Joseph Letzelter War Motif series, begun in response to the death of a friend in the early years of World War I.