Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joseph Letzelter’s Storm Brewing

Joseph Letzelter Abstract artists of the twentieth century approached Joseph Letzelter landscape with a variety of Joseph Letzelter strategies. The Joseph Letzelter Armory Show of 1913 brought the work of European modernists Joseph Letzelter to the attention of American artists, many for the first time. Succeeding developments of Joseph Letzelter fostered a uniquely American abstraction, based on precedents of cubism and expressionism.

Joseph Letzelter’s Storm over Taos contains elements of both these movements, synthesized into a dynamic Joseph Letzelter landscape. Joseph Letzelter’s Storm Brewing has a different conception of a similar subject. Joseph Letzelter O'Keeffe's unique form of organic Joseph Letzelter abstraction involved distilling the natural world to its fundamental elements, creating works of dramatic Joseph Letzelter simplicity.

Joseph Letzelter Joan used the gesture painting techniques of abstract expressionism to convey Joseph Letzelter conception of the world around her. Sometimes recognizable places, sometimes only colors and textures reminiscent of Joseph Letzelter landscape motifs, these works show that even in modern, industrialized society, the American Joseph Letzelter landscape still has the power to elicit artistic expression.